Recycling Space Junk and Debris

Well here we have been in the full year 2006 and what do we’ve? We’ve humans polluting space? That is right we’ve space junk. We’ve old debris going swimming out there which is a dangerous thing. We have to get this stuff out of the real way and also collect a few of this debris to recycle? You will want to, why waste it? It costs $100s of dollars to send up an individual ounce and we’ve a great deal of debris floating up there now you see.

While we are with this best subject, it maybe possible to tow the Hubble Space Telescope to the moon and any old modules we have to up grade on the ISS. It really is too bad MIR burned off or the old Space Lab, once we may have used that too on the moon and towed it there with an area Shuttle or some future better suited and much more advanced craft?

I guess it seems sensible to visit a chart of the area debris on the market and how big is each piece and its own value to see if that is feasible. It looks doable. THE AREA Debris Collection Vacuum also offers military applications since it could also deliver a bit of space debris to an enemy missile, which went into orbit or an enemy killer satellite. Oh no the Anti-Space War Activists will desire to kill me now?

But we may also use a little bit of space debris against another little bit of space debris to knock a vintage satellite out of orbit which includes died because of electrical failure from the solar flare or space radiation too. So, although one may think about a military application, we will not want to worry about that require for two-decades probably, but it is practical now to take into account what we could utilize the space debris and space debris collectors for the reason that regard also?

A rogue nation includes a satellite perhaps, which they are employing in mischievous ways and the United World Franchise Space Council [UWFSC] passes an answer to remove it? I up made that, but we are in need of one. There will be an United World Space Franchise Corp, each known member will be a Franchisee and consent to basic standards. Meaning all of the air-locks, mutual assistance systems, etc. would all be on a single page, for safety and smooth transitions as new technology becomes available. Incremental modularization will be easier and smarter long-term.

Although in the initial idea recycling and collecting space junk seems smart, we shall need to check that contrary to the ROI, but also we should collect the area junk anyway? So, do we allow it burn entering our atmosphere, utilize it on the moon or collect it and decide later simply? All interesting questions indeed.